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Welcome to probably the world´s most pleasant restaurant

– where you are going to enjoy some awesome tasty meals in calm and informal surroundings

Restaurant Lilleplassen (the small place)

In the restaurant you will have problems choosing from an exciting menu of the appetizers, main courses and desserts. Lilleplassen offers the perfect mix of modern kitchen and traditional homemade Norwegian food. It´s guaranteed that you´ll find something to your liking. And then you can be happy that you don´t have to exercise on the drill ground Fredricksfeldt in the year 1740; where you now are sitting. The name changed to Gardermoen in 1788 but was still called The Small Place by the soldiers even the place was 1000 x 570 meters.



Early Bird Special

Every day

04.00 – 06.30

Delicious Breakfast

Mon – Sat

06.30 – 09.30


06.30 – 10.00


Every day

18.00 – 22.00

Slavisa Radanovic

Running a restaurant at Gardermoen is the ultimate challenge; most of our guests have travelled the world and tasted their way through the most incredible menus and been served by the most professional waiters. Our policy in probably the world´s most pleasant hotel is that you will have a meal you´ll never forget served by people that don´t  fear showing you their appreciation. Then we think that you will tell everybody you know about us. Bon appétit!

– Head of Restaurant


A la carte – Monday – Friday

Are you hunting for the great and exciting taste sensations you have come to the right place.


Buffet – Saturday and Sunday

In the week ends you can enjoy a great and wonderful buffet.

Adults: 295.

Children: 6 -16; 175,-

Children: 2-6; 55,-

+47 63 94 08 00


Ravineveien 11,

2060 Gardermoen

+47 63 94 08 00


Org nr 917 396 744


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